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Women's Car Insurance- Cheap UK quotes



As a woman you will probably find that your insurance policy will cost much less than that of a man in similar circumstances, however that does not mean that there isn't a significant cost involved or significant saving to be made. For the young or elderly woman the cost of an insurance policy can increase significantly. Over the last few years car insurance companies have started to recognise that women's insurance is a safer bet and we have seen the introduction of a number of women only car insurance companies. Many of these are owned by mainstream car insurance companies, Women on Wheels by Endsleigh, Diamond by Admiral and Sheila's Wheels by Esure.com. Make sure you try the general car insurance companies too as well as the companies specialising in car insurance for women, they will often give a better deal.

Many car insurance companies target specific types of clients, some target risky groups, like the young or men, other target safer groups. The reason they ask all the questions on a quote is to determine which of the groups you are in. Our women's car insurance quotation tool eliminates as many insurance companies as possible that are not going to quote you and points you in the direction of those that will.

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Get as many women's car insurance quotes as possible to minimise the cost of your quote. With online insurance quotes you can experiment with combinations - vary the excess or adding your partner to your insurance policy may reduce it further for example.

Just spend 30 seconds answering these four simple questions to get started.

Men are more likely to have accidents, and when they have them, they tend to happen at higher speeds and therefore result in higher claims. The means that womens' insurance tends to be cheaper. There are a number of woman only car insurers that are worth visiting if you are a woman. Gender
Your postcode will determine your insurance premium as well. If you live in an area of high car crime, then the insurers will regard you as a higher risk. Northern Ireland insurers have a limited number of insurance companies that they can go to with big names like Lloyds, Churchill and More Than not providing policies in the Province. Your post code
You driving record to date influences how cheap your premium will be. If you have had a recent accident your NCB (No claims bonus) is likely to be lower. It is possible to protect your NCB, but you still need to tell your insurer about any accidents you have had in the last 5 years so even with a protected NCB your premium may go up. No claims bonus  
Age is a critical indicator of how likely you are to have an accident. Young people are obviously more likely to have an accident. As a person heads towards retirement, their likelihood of having an accident also increases. Some insurance companies may apply age related penalties into the thirties and again as low as fifty. Your year of birth

The list returned by our womans car insurance tool is in no particular order. Which is the best policy for you will depend on your situation. Remember that the cheapest car insurance quote may not be the best quote. If you can spare plenty of time get a quote from every car insurance company in the table.

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