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Recently some mainstream car insurance companies have started to to do something about a fact which has been known for a long time - that women are safer drivers than men. More importantly from the insurers point of view, they tend to have accidents at slower speeds and therefore make smaller value claims with less personal injuries. There has been a spate of women only car insurers lauching on the market, mostly by mainstream insurers. Companies like Endsleigh have launched Women on Wheels, Admiral have launched Diamond and Sheila's Wheels are owned by Esure.

Tip no. 1 Don't assume, because you are a woman that a woman only insurer will give yo the best quote, try some of the mainstream companies too.

Tip no. 2 If you have a partner try creating the policy with and without them as a named driver.

OK, now try our quick and handy insurance tool so you don't waste you time with insurers who won't be prepared to quote for you.



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The insurance assistant above will return a list of car insurance companies is in no particular order. Which is the best insurance quote for you will depend on your personal circumstances. The best thing to do if you have time is to get a quote from every single car insurance company in the list. If you do not have time, or if your renewal car insurance quote is quite low and you believe you are not going to get car insurance much cheaper then perhaps get a quote from a few of the car insurance companies that you know and trust from the list will suffice.


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