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Insurance Cheap

Insurance Cheap are a small, UK based independently run company who simply provide you with hints on how to reduce your insurance premiums and links to the best insurers around to save you trawling the web for them.

Insurance Cheap make their money though commission payed by the insurance companies, but don't worry, you don't have to pay anything extra because you get to their site through our site. See how we are funded.

Insurance Cheap have no hidden agenda, we make no recommendation of one insurer over another, the ordering of the list is purely arbitrary and does not reflect the merits of one company over another to the consumer. In fact most of the insurers target different types of clients, so there is no such thing as a 'best insurer', only the best insurer for you. Unfortunately you'll have to fill in quite a few online forms before you can find the best insurer for you. We try to deal with only the household name companies that you can trust, but if there is anyone that you would like to see on our lists please drop us an email. It's easy to forget that the best insurer for you may not necessarily be the cheapest.

We value your feedback on any other aspects of our operation, so feel free to let us know.



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