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Many of the very cheapest car insurance companies look for customers from certain groups. some lookgorgeous new ff for low risk drivers, others for riskier ones. As a consequence some car insurers deal specifically with young drivers, or performance cars, or modified cars or the elderly or people with driving convictions.

Our car insurance tool asks a few questions to try and eliminate as many of the very cheapest companies who really won't give you a quote saving you valuable time.

Just spend 30 seconds answering these four simple questions to get started on a very cheap car insurance quote.

Men are more likely to have accidents, and when they have them, they tend to happen at higher speeds and therefore result in higher claims. Until recently womens' insurance tended to be cheaper. Unfortunately offering women cheaper car insurance has now been deemed illegal by the EU as it is a form of sex discrimination. Gender


Your postcode will determine your insurance premium as well. If you live in an area of high car crime, then the insurers will regard you as a higher risk. Northern Ireland insurers have a limited number of insurance companies that they can go to with big names like Lloyds, Churchill and More Than not providing policies in the Province. Your post code



You driving record to date influences how cheap your premium will be. If you have had a recent accident your NCB (No claims bonus) is likely to be lower. It is possible to protect your NCB, but you still need to tell your insurer about any accidents you have had in the last 5 years so even with a protected NCB your premium may go up. No claims bonus




Age is a critical indicator of how likely you are to have an accident. Young people are obviously more likely to have an accident. As a person heads towards retirement, their likelihood of having an accident also increases. Some insurance companies may apply age related penalties into the thirties and again as low as fifty. Your year of birth


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Our handy really cheap car insurance quote tool above will return a table of car insurance companies in no particular order. If you have plenty of time on you hands get quotes from as many of these car insurance companies as you can. The chances are the best car insurance quote may be almost half what the most expensive is. If you are time limited, get as many quotes as you can from UK car insurance companies you know and trust on the list.

Remember the more quotes you get the bigger the chance you have of reducing your premium costs and getting some really great car insurance. Also remember that the best headline price is not necessarily the best either. Many very cheap insurance companies offer some extra features, some like a free car in the event of an accident, or free legal cover you might expect and it may well be worth taking for a few extra pounds.

Other car insurance features like free loyalty card points, free travel cover, cash back or other discounts may be more of a surprise. Just try and weigh up how useful these offers are and choose your car insurance policy accordingly.



Other tips for getting cheap car insurance

Dozens of factors influence the cost of your car insurance. Every question asked on an online car insurance form will most likely influence the cost of your car insurance policy. If the question isn't essential the insurance company won't waste your time by asking it.

Think carefully about what the car insurance company is looking for when answering a question there are some subtle things that you can do that can influence the price of the policy without lying. Take for example you job description. Perhaps you are a computer programmer - it might be worth checking if a software engineer which is another description for the same job will give the same quote. If you are a man whose partner is very unlikely to drive your car, perhaps the  car insurance policy cost may go down if the partner is added or perhaps it will go up. We stress again that you cannot lie on your car insurance policy, if you do, you are not in a dissimilar situation to someone who has no car insurance.

The car insurance company will not pay up as the result of an accident if they feel that you have deceived them. An example of this would be for a young person to insurance their car for their parents address if it is in a higher insurance risk area. Even if they are going home at weekends this is one  car insurance trick that will almost certainly be caught by the insurance company. No matter the scam, the car insurance companies have seen them all before. Do not try to trick your insurance company.

 Some insurance companies give an insurance policy discount if you get insurance on you house or another car with the same insurance company. Car insurance companies no longer give advantage to woman drivers due to EU equality legislation, but you can still get great car insurance quotes no matter what your sex by shopping around. Remember as well that the cheapest car insurance quote is not necessarily the best.

Car insurance comparison sites have recently been coming under fire for recommending one car insurance company over an other purely on the grounds of low cost. At Insurance Cheap we don't recommend any car insurer over any other. We provide to car insurance companies that pay us commission and also car insurance companies that don't.




 Last Updated 09 May 2020