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Tyre Advice and Safety


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If your tyres become worn you are much more likely to have a blowout, a puncture or a skid in wet conditions. Worn tyres can endanger your life and others, so make sure you check your tyres on a regular basis. Try to develop a routine, if you wash your car once a week, why not check your tyres at the same time.

To check the tyre check right across the tread of the tyre, many tyres are worn more on the inside than on the outside, so it is important to see the inside of the tread too. This is usually caused by a wheel misalignment or poor balancing, if you check your tyres regularly, you can spot this problem before it becomes serious and cost you a lot of money on a new set of tyres. It is often easier to check the front tyre treads by putting 'full lock' on the car. Also check for strange bulges on the tyre wall, these can be caused by weaknesses in the tyre and could result in a blow out. Cuts should also be checked for.

Tyres have to be above the minimum tread limit in order for them to be legal, currently up to a £2500 fine and 3 penalty points per tyre can be issued. Tyres also need to be road legal to pass the MOT Test.

A weekly check on the tyre pressure is also a good idea. Lower than recommended pressure tyres will reduce fuel economy and may have an impact performance and braking.





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