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Cheap Holiday Insurance

Travel insurance was until recently a market that UK travel agents had almost 100% control of. Holiday insurance was often how they made a significant percentage of their profits and while it is still your easiest option to organise your travel insurance while you are in your travel agent, it is usually not the cheapest way to organise travel insurance. We provide cheap travel insurance quotes from the leading UK holiday insurance companies including Lloyds TSB, Direct Line, Insurance and Go, Churchill and Onestop travel. If you are looking for cheap holiday insurance, you have come to the right place.


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Be sure to carefully select your travel dates. It is critical that you include the dates you are travelling on as these are the dates that you are most likely to have a claim on your insurance i.e. the day you or your airline is most likely to lose your luggage. Be aware that while you can usually extend your holiday insurance while you are abroad before it has expired. If you wait until after your travel insurance has expired, your insurer may refuse to provide you with an extension. It may also be difficult to arrange travel insurance while you are abroad. You may need more than a standard travel insurance policy if you are going on holiday for a significant period of time (often a month or more), or if you are partaking in adventure travel or backpacking. Check the details again if you are planning to, or if you think you may be tempted by activities like the following bungee jumping, hang gliding, white water rafting. You will probably need more expensive travel insurance. Even for activities like elephant/camel/horse riding, go karting or scuba diving you may have to up your trip insurance. Winter sports holidays will not usually be covered under a standard insurance policy although sometimes a standard ski holiday will be. Double check the small print as some travel insurance policies may cover you so long as you do not go off piste skiing or snowboarding and some policies will not cover you for winter sports holidays at all. Even if you do think you are covered for injury under your policy it may be worth paying extra for insurance that will cover you for piste closure (although you may want to check what the travel insurance company's definition of piste closure is). Here are some tips that may save you some extra money to spend on holiday.
  • The chances are the travel agent's insurance will be the most expensive insurance quote you get. If you shop around, you should be able to get cheap travel insurance online, or by phoning a specialist travel insurance broker.
  • Think how many times you will buy holiday insurance this year. Consider buying Multi-trip travel insurance if you intend going more than twice in a 12 month period.
  • If you are travelling as a couple buy couples holiday insurance, this will usually save a few more pounds.

Elderly travel insurance may be hard to get hold of, as you are regarded as a higher insurance risk, but shop around and you will probably get an insurance company that will suit you. Only a few insurers will cover travellers over 75 and even then only for single trips, not annual insurance policies. Before you buy travel insurance it is worthwhile checking what is cover by EHIC.

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