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We all love to go on holiday and travel insurance is often a quick decision, the night before we go away on the web, or bought from the travel agent at the time the holiday is purchased. It is relatively cheap, so we tend to spend little time thinking about it, but if the worst happens, you life could depend on it or it could cost you tens of thousands of pounds to get medical treatment privately, so maybe it is time to think a little more carefully about it.

Several things to consider before you purchase your travel insurance.

  • Are you covered already through you credit card, bank account or other scheme?
  • Are you covered through you medical cover?
  • Are you covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?
  • Are you covered by your Home Insurance?
  • What do the above cover and what do they not?

Read the details carefully. If you are you covered medically are you also covered for lost luggage, cancelled/curtailed flights, bereavements etc.

If you go on more than one holiday a year, consider getting multi trip cover, it can often work out cheaper. This may also be the case if you take a late holiday, if you next one is eleven months later, then annual travel insurance will cover it. If you are thinking of going skiing during the winter make sure that if you purchase annual cover during the summer you take this into account.

Note: travel insurance companies are usually reluctant to allow you to take out or extend policies while you are on holiday, make sure you have sufficient insurance before you leave.


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