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Statisticians at Esure have discovered that having a particular first name dramatically increases your chance of making an insurance claim. The most risky names Gabriel and Natasha are more than three times more likely to make a claim than the safest names Ellis or Isabella. It is not know why there is such a distinctly significant difference although one reason is that certain names are much more common in certain age groups than others, so while Rubys, Ethels and Pearls tend to be older drivers for instance Sophies, Jessicas and Kylies may tend to be younger drivers.

While Esure assure their customers that they do not use a person's name as a factor in determining the cost of a policy other insurers may wish to do this in the future.

All in all, if you are choosing a name for your newborn, it's just another factor to take into account!


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  Risky Names (based on the annual percentage of claims)

1. Gabriel 22%
2. Sebastian 21%
3. Kyle 21%
4. Morgan 20%
5. Billy 18%

1. Natasha 22%
2. Ruby 21%
3. Morgan 20%
4. Harriet 19%
5. Eve 18%


Safe Names (based on the annual percentage of claims)

1. Ellis 6%
2. Elliot 6%
3. Dylan 7%
4. Finlay 7%
5. Archie 8%
1. Isabella 8%
2. Eleanor 9%
3. Molly 9%
4. Isobel 9%
5. Alicia 9%






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