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Renters or tenants insurance allows you to buy cover if you are a renter/tenant in a property without having to go to the cost of buying full home cover including buildings and contents. Buying renters insurance will typically cover your valuables and not cover the things about which you do not have to worry. Renters cover is for students and career people and is a cost effective way of getting a policy specifically designed for you. It allows you to cut the cost of your home policy as the extras that you do not need are not covered. Our policy is provided by Endsleigh, the specialist for young professionals and students. If you don't fit into either of these categories don't worry, they provide cover to people from all career types.


Just spend 20 seconds answering 4 simple questions to get started.

Do you own or mortgae your own house, do you pay rent or do you rent you house out to others. Home Insurance type
Do you want to insure the fphysical house or do you want to insure the contents only, or both. This is normally both, but if you are a tenant or a landlord you may choose to skip one of the insurances. Buildings / Contents
This apply to home insurance claims on your current or previous policies. Recent Claims
Tell us what region you are in and we may be able to eliminate some insuers who won't insure you. Your post code




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