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Pet Insurance UK

One in every three pets requires veterinary treatment every year. Pet insurance allows you to not only cover vet bills, but some pet insurance policies also cover straying/theft, missing advertising/reward, accidental damage, third party liability and even a pet death benefit.

pet dog insurance uk

Just spend 10 seconds answering these two simple questions about your pet to get started.

Help? What is your pet ?
Help? What age is your pet ?

Pet insurance will tend to get more expensive as your pet gets older. A pet, like humans, tends to have more going wrong with it as it gets older and this applies to all types of pet insurance, rabbit, horse, dog, cat or exotic pet.

Some cheap pet insurance policies will stop paying for treatment for your pet after a year; this can obviously be a problem if your pet suffers an ongoing condition, like arthritis or a skin complaint. Not all cheap pet insurance policies are the same, so take it out with a pet insurer you trust and above all read the small print.

No matter whether your pet is a cat, dog, rabbit, horse or exotic, your pet insurance policy is unlikely to cover your pet for conditions that existed before the policy began, or for vaccinations, spaying/castration or for flea treatments.

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