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Car Insurance in Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland motor insurance is among the most expensive in the world. There are four main reasons why it is so expensive.

  • Large amounts of car theft in Belfast.
  • High number of car accident claims against Northern Ireland car insurers.
  • There are large pay outs for personal injury claims against Northern Ireland car insurance.
  • There is a lack of competition in the local insurance market.

Some NI car insurance companies target certain types of car owners, some target more risky groups, other target more careful groups e.g. women vs men, young drivers vs older drivers, performance car vs environmentally friendly car. They ask you so many questions in order to determine which car insurance group you fall into. Our Insurance quotation tool eliminates as many car insurance companies as possible that are not going give you a quote because of your BT postcode. Try our compare NI car insurance tool below.


Just spend 30 seconds answering these four simple questions to get started.

Men are more likely to have accidents, and when they have them, they tend to happen at higher speeds and therefore result in higher claims. The means that womens' insurance tends to be cheaper. There are a number of woman only car insurers that are worth visiting if you are a woman. Gender
Your postcode will determine your insurance premium as well. If you live in an area of high car crime, then the insurers will regard you as a higher risk. Northern Ireland insurers have a limited number of insurance companies that they can go to with big names like Lloyds, Churchill and More Than not providing policies in the Province. Your NI post code
You driving record to date influences how cheap your premium will be. If you have had a recent accident your NCB (No claims bonus) is likely to be lower. It is possible to protect your NCB, but you still need to tell your insurer about any accidents you have had in the last 5 years so even with a protected NCB your premium may go up. No claims bonus
Age is a critical indicator of how likely you are to have an accident. Young people are obviously more likely to have an accident. As a person heads towards retirement, their likelihood of having an accident also increases. Some insurance companies may apply age related penalties into the thirties and again as low as fifty. Your year of birth

NI Car Insurance Tool Results

The quote assistant above will return a list of car insurance companies who although many are based on the mainland will give you a quote for your BT postcode. The list is in is in no particular order. If you have time ideally get a car insurance quote from all the companies on the list to really push your quote to rock bottom, each one should take less than 5 minutes. If you don't have time get a quote from as many as you can, the cheapest Northern Ireland insurance quote is often half the cost of the most expensive. Remember as well that there may be a benefit to not going with the cheapest. Check for extras like, courtesy car, cash back, vouchers, free car breakdown insurance etc.

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Updated           10 Sep 2019