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With stock markets plummeting and more and more people get concerned about their job security could this be a wise time to start looking for a good mortgage protection insurance?

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Do you have enough saving to cover a prolonged period of unemployment, or even a period of a few months? With many people already with significant debt, the prospect of having to keep paying for loans or your mortgage can be very worrying. Certain UK industries including car manufacture, retail and IT are making the headlines, but many people in other areas of the workforce are equally worried. Is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance ( MPPI ) also known as unemployment insurance the answer.

Mortgage Protection Insurance can ease some of those concerns and allow you have a cushion which will cover all or some of your outstanding mortgage or loan, unemployment insurance if you like. In th UK typically how Mortgage Protection insurance works is that an MPPI insurance premium is paid every month and after a certain number of months (typically 4 - 6 depending on the mortgage protection insurance provider) you have protection against losing your job, or against accidents if you so choose. The Mortgage protection insurance policy will typically pay out the insurance amount for a set period of time, often a year. The reason for the time delay before the MPPI policy kicks in is to deter people who know that they will be made unemployed in the near future. As many people only start to think about getting mortgage protection insurance when they feel that their company is in trouble.

Your mortgage protection insurance premium will depend on a number factors including your age, job and amount you want to cover. Usually mortgage protection insurance is limited to allow you to insure only a fraction of your salary. This figure is typically 50% although this can vary depending on your mortgage protection cover provider.

As with all insurance policies you should check the small print of your MPPI policy to make sure that a particular mortgage protection cover is the one for you. Over several years, you can pay a significant amount into a UK mortgage protection insurance policy and you need to assess if it is worth the risk. Of course cover of all types is something that that you hope that you are never going to have to use.

When looking for cheap mortgage protection insurance make sure that you shop around, the first quote that you get will often not be the best. As well as the monthly premium check how soon the Mortgage Protection Insurance policy will start paying out, and for how long it will pay out for. If you are self employed examine what the definition of unemployment is in your mortgage protection insurance policy. While there are not as many providers out there offering mortgage protection insurance as for example car cover, you should still be able to find a number of providers that will allow you to compare insurance policies.


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Updated 20 Nov 2010