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Why is imported car insurance difficult to get?


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Before you buy an imported car think carefully about likely costs. While imported cars look like a substantial cost saving the increase in car insurance over a few years can negate the original advantage. The phrase grey import is often used interchangeably with the phrase import, although the former is actually the more correct. Imported cars are cars that were not built for the UK market. For example a Toyota built in Japan for the UK market is not regarded as a grey import, However a Rover built in the UK for export to the South African market and then reimported back to the UK is probably regarded as a grey import.

Car insurance typically goes up for an imported car for several reasons, mainly though it all boils down to how the car is equipped.

Let's look at an example. If we look at a Japanese imported MX3 for example, Japanese cars are very popular imports to the UK as they are right hand drive and also have a very rigorous 'MOT' type test which results in steep price falls for second hand cars. Japanese cars may not necessarily have the same standard safety equipment as a UK car, so a particular model in the UK may not have all round disc brakes compared to the UK model . This means breaking distance goes up, an accident is more likely and the insurance company will have to pay up. Also if there is an accident, the foreign import may not have the safety equipment of the UK model, like safety glass, airbags, seat belt pretensioners etc, this may result in more expensive personal injury claims for the insurance company.

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