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Most people know that house insurance unlike a car insurance policy is not a mandatory option in the UK. If you have a mortgage on your house, your mortgage provider will normally insist however that you have house insurance. Try our home insurance tool below to provide you with some insurance companies that will provide you with the cover that you require. The tool will provide a table of cheap house insurance providers in no set order. Which is the best insurance for your particular circumstances depends both on the price and the features of the insurance policy. Get as many house insurance quotes as you can - each insurance quote should take less than five minutes unless you have to enter details of claims, so in an hour you should have a dozen under your belt and be well on the way to cutting the price of your renewal premium.



Just spend 20 seconds answering 4 simple questions to get started.

Do you own or mortgae your own house, do you pay rent or do you rent you house out to others. House Insurance type
Do you want to insure the fphysical house or do you want to insure the contents only, or both. This is normally both, but if you are a tenant or a landlord you may choose to skip one of the insurances. Buildings / Contents
This apply to home insurance claims on your current or previous policies. Recent Claims
Tell us what region you are in and we may be able to eliminate some insuers who won't insure you. Your post code



People tend not to change their provider as often as they would for their car insurance. As the price of the policy on their house is usually significantly less than that on their car they believe that it is not worth the effort of shopping around. Insurance companies know this, so the cost of your premium creeps up a little every year, not enough to make you jump provider, but just enough to ensure that the insurance company's profits rise year after year. To get cheap house insurance consider changing your insurance provider every year, or at least shop around and use some of the quotes that are out there to force your current insurance provider to cut the cost of their renewal quote.

There are two main types of house insurance. Contents Insurance and Buildings Insurance. Normally if you are living in your own home you will require both these types of home insurance. At a very simple level buildings insurance is your physical house, walls roof, floors, windows, doors etc and fixtures and fittings, ie things that are attached to the house eg lights, bathrooms suite, kitchen etc. Contents insurance covers the things that you have in your house that you can easily remove from the house and are generally not bolted down. In certain situations you will need only one of these types of house insurance. For example tenants may not need buildings insurance and landlords may not need contents insurance.

There are some special cases for cheap home insurance. As part of you contents insurance you may wish to insure separately items that can be removed from the house for example cameras, jewellery and bicycles. Also you may wish to record items of particular value like paintings or anything over £1000 separately in your house insurance.



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Updated 24 Nov 2012