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Around 6 million people in the UK currently have private medical insurance. With hundreds of thousands of people currently on NHS waiting lists and more private healthcare insurance competition in the market you may be surprised that private health insurance take up has been falling off in recently in the UK. With costs rising nearly 70% in recent years and NHS waiting lists coming down, is there still a need for Private Medical Insurance? I'm afraid you will have to answer that question, but below is some information that may help you.

1st Year Discount
Levels of cover
Prices from *
Discount gym membership
£32.81 per month
£20.15 per month
*Based on a active healthy 28 year old woman living outside London

Read the policy documentation very carefully. No two insurance policies are the same and there will be one that will be more tailored to your needs than all the others will. Once you have allotted to go with a particular policy there will be a cooling off period (usually 2 weeks), during which you may cancel your policy with no cost to you provided of course you have not claimed in this period.

Also, be aware that conditions that existed before you take out the cover will not normally be covered by your health insurance.

If you have decided to go ahead and get health insurance, here are some hints and tips that may reduce the cost of you premium:-

  • Shop around you will find that getting several quotes will lead to a wide range of prices. Do not be tempted to go with the first quote.
  • Raise your excess. This will cut the cost of your policy, but obviously means you will have to pay out more money in the event of a claim.
  • Reduce the scope of your policy. There are various levels of health insurance, ranging from those that only cover you for cancer and heart problems to those that cover you for all sorts of ailments and include all sorts of complementary therapies including acupuncture and reflexology. Obviously, these tend to be more expensive.
  • Try dividing a family policy, into individual policies, this surprisingly may cut the cost.
  • If you are moving health insurers, you will find that several insurers have the concept of a no claims bonus for private medical insurance as for other types of insurance. Tell your new insurer if you have not claimed for several years.



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