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Roadside Recovery Insurance and Breakdown Cover

UK breakdown cover is almost an essential. The expense of recovering your car from a motorway without roadside recovery insurance can be hundreds of pounds. The older your vehicle becomes, statistically the more likely it is that you will need breakdown cover. We've put together a range of competitively priced and cheap roadside assistance quotes here from a range of breakdown cover companies you know and trust as well as perhaps some that you have never heard of. It is important with breakdown insurance to read the policy details carefully and see that each insurance policy provides the best cover for you. Some policies will cover the individual whether they are passenger or driver, car owner, or not and some will insure a specific car regardless of who is driving. It is important to think about your particular situation to determine which is the best breakdown cover insurance policy for you. Some providers offer both individual breakdown cover and car cover policies, some just one type.

Try here if you require European breakdown cover. The list below contains the best cheap roadside insurance and breakdown cover sites we could find. If your car insurance is due for renewal, you may find that some very cheap car insurance companies also offer cheap breakdown cover either free or at a discount, so always bear this in mind as it is usually easiest to do this when your car insurance policy comes up for renewal.

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If you are looking for European Breakdown cover click here

* Based on a snapshot of prices taken on the 1st August 2013

Note, as you can see from the table above breakdown cover can be divided into two distinct groups. That is, breakdown cover that covers your car and breakdown cover that covers you as an individual. Some roadside recovery assistance policies allow you to choose either car breakdown cover or breakdown cover for an individual. Your own personal circumstances will dictate which is right for you. If you are an individual with several cars or drive several cars then perhaps the breakdown cover that covers an individual is best for you. If you are a one car family where say you and your spouse and an older child drive your car then perhaps getting breakdown cover for the vehicle is a better option. Make sure you read what is provided by each type of breakdown cover offered. Some breakdown cover policies will cover you for breakdown assistance at or close to your house, and some won't. Some will take you to your planned destination and some won't. Finally if you are looking for car insurance, there are some very cheap car insurance companies that offer free recovery as part of the price. This varies from season to season, but check out obviously RAC and AA as a first port of call. Churchill have also offered it in the past.