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What to do in an Accident

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In the event of an accident. There are a number of things that you should bear in mind. Provided you nor the other party are not injured, try to remain calm. This may be difficult as the other person may have just put your life in danger, but getting angry at this point is not going to wind the clock back so try to remember the following tips.

  • Call the police if the accident has caused any damage to your vehicle. Many people have had bad experiences in the past where after the two parties have gone their separate ways and one party will claim the accident never took place and this can turn into an insurance nightmare.
  • Get the full details of the other party. Name, address, license plate number, insurance company.
  • Even if the accident is obviously your fault, never specifically state this to anyone other than your insurance company. In extreme cases your insurance company may claim you have broken the terms of your policy if you do. You can still give a factual statement to the police without apportioning blame.
  • Carry a small disposable camera in your glove box. If you have an accident or are witness to an accident, these pictures can prove invaluable. Take plenty, of the vehicles involved and license plates etc, but also of the road conditions etc.
  • Do not move either of the vehicles until the police direct you to. They can more easily determine the cause of the accident if the cars are in situ.
  • Never leave the scene of an accident without sorting things out first. If you do, you can expect the full rigor of the law to be brought to bear on you.
  • If the accident occurs on a busy road, stand away from the vehicles and also other traffic. One accident often results in another, as people either do not see your vehicle and drive into it, or are so busy spectating on the way past, that they drive into someone else.
  • If the accident occurs on a motorway, get yourself and your passengers a good distance from the vehicles, standing within 10 feet of the vehicle will not protect you if someone hits your parked car, if there grass bank climb it.


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