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Insurance Cheap was founded by Alan Beattie in 2003 in County Antrim. Our goal is to help people get cheap insurance quotes from a range of insurance providers.

Insurance Cheap is different from all the other affiliate sites and insurance comparison sites in that we don't just feature the insurers that pay us commission. We feature lots of sites that refuse to be part of the insurance comparison game and therefore are more likely to be thinking about getting you the best insurance rather than the highest commission to be featured on a comparison site.

Many household name insurance companies don't use comparison sites, so if you do, then you are missing out on some of the best insurance deals on the web.

Insurance Cheap are also independent of any of the main insurance conglomerate companies, so we won't push any one porduct above any other. 

We do get paid commission by some of the insurance companies we feature, but the price to you the user is exactly the same whether you go diectly to the site, or through Insurance Cheap.

If you'd like to write to us please feel free to do so at:-

Insurance Cheap
4 Hedgelea Ave
Old Carrick Road
County Antrim
BT37 0WW
Northern Ireland  

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