AA Car Insurance


The AA was founded in 1905 before many of today's car manufacturers were around. Initially they were formed to combat police speed traps and by 1914 membership had grown to 83000.

The AA from 1908 started appointing repairers and agent throughout the UK and published a list of them in the AA handbook. The company first started insuring cars in 1967 and today are the country's largest car and home insurer, with many shops around the country and a large advertising budget.

Apart from the breakdown cover that they are most famous for, the AA offer car, home, life, van, travel and motorcycle cover along with various other insurances. Give them a try on the link below.

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Car Insurance
Home Insurance
Breakdown Cover
Van Insurance
Motorbike Insurance
Travel Insurance
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0845 607 6727
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Registered address:
Lambert House
Stockport Road
Cheadle SK8 2DY


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