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Insurance cheap provides a free service to its customers by pointing them in the direction of a number of insurers who will be prepared to give them a quote. Many insurers specialise in a particular niche, for example Esure and Privilege target people with no claims bonuses of 4 years or more, Diamond and Sheila's Wheels target women, Saga, those over 45 and First Alternative like to insure those with high performance cars or 4x4s and there are a whole raft of insurers who refuse to insure in Northern Ireland. Sometimes it's not immediately obvious who insures what until you go all the way through the quote process and get rejected.

Using Insurance Cheap's car insurance quote tool you can eliminate the insurers who won't give you a quote and target those who do. Insurance Cheap do not recommend one insurer on the list over another. This would be impossible given the limited amount of information we collect and would also be an infringement of the Financial Services Act that we are bound to adhere to.

Insurance Cheap do receive a commission from most of the insurers we use, some pay per quote and others pay per sale. This does not mean that the cost to you is any higher than it would be if you telephoned or went directly to the insurers web site. Conversely it will often be cheaper than phoning the insurer as many offer a web discount.









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