Kwik Fit's big insurance problem



Quick-Fit Insurance withdrawal

02 Oct 2006

Quick-Fit have withdrawn policies from around 800 people who were currently insured with them. Quick Fit who act as a broker for Provident Insurance have taken the action to try and crack down on the practice of 'fronting'. Fronting is where a high risk driver is added as an additional named driver of a vehicle even though they are the main driver. This often occurs when parents buy a cheap car for their children and insure it in their own name and then name their child as a named driver.

In this case Quick-Fit appear not to have asked if another car was available in a household on their application form and are now being forced by Provident to crack down on households where this is the case. The problem appears to be that they are cancelling the insurance of many drivers who just happen to live in a two car family, not just those out to abuse the system by fronting..

Insurers are angry about the extra work that they will have to find a new policy and also about the fact that their premiums may go up.

Quick-Fit are offering pro rata refunds and are offering to help move customers onto another policy where possible.





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