How to prevent a breakdown.


Breakdown Advice


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By taking some careful precautions you can cut you chances of having a breakdown.

Before taking a long journey or once a week - perhaps every Saturday.

  • Check your oil level. It should either be too high or too low.
  • Check your water level.
  • Check that lights/indicators and hazard lights are functioning normally.
  • Check the tyre tread depth. Check the inside of the tread as well, Tyre misalignment can often cause this to wear faster.

Every journey

  • Check the fuel level.
  • If your car is in slow moving traffic keep a close eye on the temperature gauge. If you are stationary and the car starts to overheat, turn off the engine until the traffic starts moving again. If you are moving slowly find somewhere safe to pull in to wait for the engine to cool. Sometimes turning on the internal heating(with fan on full) can reduce the engine temperature slightly.

Every Year/service interval

  • Have you car service at the recommended intervals.




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