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As a young driver it can be very difficult to get quotes at a reasonable price. The reason for this is that companies charge young drivers more because they tend to have more accidents. A new scheme called Pass Plus allows you to take and additional test and get a large discount from a number of UK insurance brokers including AA, RAC, Churchill, Direct Line, Endsleigh, Norwich Union, Swinton, Tesco and Zurich along with several other lesser known companies.

Pass Plus is not a test, but consists of a series of modules often covering areas not covered in the regular test like motorway driving, night time driving and all weather driving.

Pass Plus is taken within the first 12 month of passing your test and the first stage would be to contact a Pass Plus instructor. Why not get a quote from some of the insurers above to find out how much you premium would be both with and without Pass Plus. Also check how long it is valid for, usually only for 1-2 years after passing the test. Get an estimate from an instructor on cost, it is likely to be between £100-200 (usually around £160), but with discounts of up to 40% available from insurers this should make it more than worthwhile.

Check if your local authority offers a discount on the lessons too. At time of writing discounts of up to 50% are available in Hampshire, Kent and Somerset and many Scottish councils.

The Pass Plus website has further details on the scheme, on approved instructors and also on the 20 councils in the UK offering discounts of up to 50% on the full tuition costs.






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