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In July 2002 the parent company of Norwich Union formally know as CGNU changed its name to Aviva. Aviva which has brought together more than 40 different brands from around the world and trades in over 20 countries is now the UK's largest insurance company and the 5th largest in the world.

Norwich Union offer a range of car insurances including Classic insurance and short term insurance (less than 29 days).

In addition to car insurance Norwich Union also offers, breakdown cover, motorcycle insurance, scooter insurance, van insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, pet insurance and health insurance.

Last year Norwich Union introduced a revolution to the UK insurance market with the introduction of "Pay As You Drive"™. "Pay As You Drive" is a system where your insurance premium is based on a number of factors including the mileage that your car does, where you drive and at what time. The system was based on a GPS module that is placed in the car and allows the previously mentioned factors to be recorded, so you might pay a lower premium for travelling during the day, rather than at night, or you may pay a higher premium for urban travel. Unfortunately due a slow take up of the service it was shelved in early 2008.



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