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In Northern Ireland, home insurance like car insurance can be difficult to find. The mainland house insurance companies that often offer the best prices may simply not provide a house insurance quote for Northern Ireland. Home insurance unlike car insurance is not compulsory in the UK, but if you have a mortgage, your mortgage company will insist that you have home insurance. Good news! We found lots of on line insurers that provide home insurance quotes in Northern Ireland. Use our quick compare NI home insurance tool to get a series of insurance quotes from house insurance companies you know and trust.

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Do you own or mortgage your own house, do you pay rent or do you rent you house out to others. Home Insurance type
Do you want to insure the physical house or do you want to insure the contents only, or both. This is normally both, but if you are a tenant or a landlord you may choose to skip one of the insurances. Buildings / Contents
This apply to home insurance claims on your current or previous policies. Recent Claims
Tell us what region you are in and we may be able to eliminate some insuers who won't insure you. Your NI post code

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There are two main types of NI home insurance. Home contents insurance and buildings insurance. House contents insure the contents of your house and buildings insurance covers the house itself along with the fixtures and fittings.

For buildings insurance, it is critical that you cover the worst-case scenario that your house will require to be rebuilt. You home insurance company will calculate this value based on the area you live in, the size of the house. Note also that as house price inflation continued, your home insurance premium should have risen every year, as the cost of replacing your home increases. In fact, you should have been worried if it wasn't rising! This may mean that your insurer is not adjusting the value of your property and insuring the house for the 1995 value could prove a disaster. Obviously with house prices now falling this is something you have to worry about less. A couple of issues can add complexity and cost to home insurance in Northern Ireland, but thankfully, only a few householders have to worry about them, although this number is growing. A history of subsidence in your property may be impossible to shake off even if remedial work like underpinning has been successful, you may have to contact a specialist home insurance company.

For contents insurance, you should make a list of all the contents in your house. Methodically go from room to room; not forgetting attics and garages writing down the item and its value, an Argos catalogue may come in useful here to check values. You may need independent evaluations for items like antiques. Taking photos of items of value may be useful in the event of a claim particularly for antiques etc. Also keep receipts of valuable items and a copy of your inventory in a safe place; they may be invaluable in the event of a claim. You may wish to specifically mention or insure separately particularly valuable items, typically over £1000.

Many home insurance companies will also be able to provide NI house insurance quotes for tenants and for student insurance.

Tips on reducing the cost your home quote.

  • Shop around, you will find a variety of NI home insurance policies with similar cover for a range of prices.
  • Speak to your local crime prevention officer. He will provide you with advice on how to protect your home against burglary. Mentioning any remedial action you have taken to an insurance company may reduce your house insurance premium.
  • Don't feel you are obliged to go with the home insurance company suggested by your mortgage provider. They are invariably more expense. Do check with you mortgage provider if they will allow you to use another home insurance company, most do.
  • Like with Northern Ireland car insurance, paying a higher excess can reduce your home insurance premium.
  • Above all, do not be tempted to cut back on what you insure, in order to reduce your house insurance.
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