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Car Theft


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Car theft is a problem in most of the UK and while it is not a crime that is growing mainly due to higher vehicle security, if it happens to you it can be a very traumatic experience. There are two main types of car theft, theft from vehicles and theft of vehicles. The best way to avoid both is to take a series of simple precautions. If you make it just a little more diffucult to break into your car than the one parked beside it then the chances are the theif will avoid hitting your car and go for the other one.

  • Hide all valuables - loose change , cameras, CDs, coats and mobile phones from view, under a seat or better, in the boot.
  • At night, park in a well lit or busy place.
  • Obviously lock your car - this is not obvious to some and your insurance company will most likely walk away from any claim.
  • Take all forms of identification with you. If your stolen car is stopped by police, the thief will not be able to claim they are you and be sent on their way.
  • .Make sure you close the sunroof and all windows.
  • Consider having an anti theft device fitted - an imobiliser, alarm or tracker. This can bring down your insurance bill too.
  • Never leave ownership documents in the car. Your car will be difficult to sell without them.




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