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Worst areas for uninsured drivers

A recent survey by the MIB (Motor Insurer's Bureau) has reveal that's Britains's deprived inner city areas are the main areas for motorists driving without insurance. With insurance costs high, many motorists illegally drive without insurance and the problem is only discovered when they are involved in an accident.

West Gorton in Manchester has the worst record. If you had an accident with another car in West Gorton, you would be 6 times more likely to be dealing with an uninsured driver than the national average.

Police have said that they recognise that there is a link beween uninsured drivers and general crime, so they will be concentrating resources in these areas.

The top 10 list of worst offenders were:-



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West Gorton, Manchester
Barkerend, Bradford
Newtown, Birmingham
Everton, Liverpool
Croxteth, Liverpool
Hockley, Birmingham
Tottenham, London
Smethwick, Birmingham
Whitefield, Bradford
Cheetham Hill, Manchester

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