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Insurance Cheap does not currently use cookies to track your personal details.

When you click through to a third party insurers site from Insurance Cheap (eg Churchill) that company may track your personal details using cookies. This is only done to allow them to provide you with a more user friendly experience.

Third party insurers may pay a commission to Insurance Cheap if a purchase of their policy is made. No personal details from the policy will be shared  with Insurance Cheap except in the case of unemployment insurance.

In the case of unemployment insurance some personal details may be sent to Insurance Cheap. Insurance Cheap will not contact you, will not use these details in any way, will not share or sell these details to any other party.

If you contact us using the contact form we do store you email address, but we never will send you spam or anything other than a reply to the question you were asking.

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 Last Updated 24 August 2012