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Drink Driving to Save Money


The credit crunch may be affecting the nation's drinking habits. A recent survey by Direct Line has revealed that around 8 percent of motorists in the 18 to 34 age group are prepared to drink and drive rather than spend money on taxis. This worrying trend may be being exacerbated by the credit crunch. In other age groups the effect is less marked with only three percent of the 35-54 age group and just one percent of the over 55s prepared to risk the dangerous practice. Worryingly though the younger age group is the one more likely to have cars full of friends and also younger drivers are more liekly to experience accidents even under normal circumstances.

The same survey noted other trends including 13 percent who were prepared to drive to the pub and refrain from drinking, 10 percent who who are looking for cheaper places to go drinking and 8 percent who are now only going out for drinks and not going for a meal.

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