Fire Prevention



Home Fires

Are you sufficiently protected against a fire in your home? Most people think it won't happen to them, but fires are not as uncommon as you think. Why do you think every major town has a fire engine. OK so you have a smoke alarm, 85% of houses now do, but when was the last time you tested it. If a fire does break out in your house, don't do anything other than get out. You don't have time to save anything.

You have to make sure you are adequately insured as well. Home insurance falls into two main categories. Contents insurance and Buildings insurance. Building insurance covers covers the fabric of the building. Contents would be your property inside the house. A googd rule of thumb is that contents would be the things you take if you are moving house. The building and fixtures and fittings are the things that normally you would leave. Both are usually insured against fire.

So in the event you are in one of the estimated 70,000 UK homes that has a fire every year, you have one less thing to worry about. Get a home insurance quote from Insurance Cheap.



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