Direct Line vs Comparison Shopping



Direct Line takes on Comparison Sites

Updated: 13 June 2007

Popular insurer Direct Line have lauched an ad campaign targetted at the comparison insurance sites like Confused and Moneysupermarket, it points the finger suggesting they are insurance brokers and by going directly to a site like Direct Line that consumers are cutting out the middle man. They argue that the comparison site does not necessarily offer the best price in the market, just the best price of those that pay them commission.

In fareness to the comparison sites, they do not charge extra to the consumer directly. The rates payed by the consumer going through a comparison site and going directly to the insurer is the same, however the money for the commissions has to come from somewhere and it ultimately does in the long run come from the consumers pocket.

In recent years sites like Moneysupermarket and Confused have taken ever larger percentages of the insurance market. Moneysupermarket had a turnover of £100 million last year and that was a growth of over 30% from the year before.




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