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We have all you need to learn to get very cheap car insurance or any other type of quote for that matter. Many factors make motor insurance more expensive. We tell you what influences your policy price and how to get great UK unemployment insurance quotes.

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Car Insurance UK Hints and Tips

  • Shop around. The best way to get very cheap car insurance (and you have heard it many times before) is to shop around. If you get ten UK car insurance quotes the chances are that the most expensive will cost twice what the least expensive motor insurance quote costs! The extra effort is worth it. Think how long you would need to work to earn that amount, so spending an hour getting a dozen online car insurance UK policy quotes can be time well spent.
  • Match the offer. If you are with a car insurance online provider you like and trust and you receive a lower quote from another company, why not contact your current car insurance cover provider at renewal time and ask them to match the offer. You will find that quite often they are prepared to do so or even beat other house insurance or motor insurance quotes by a £10-£20.
  • Dont leave it too late. Getting holiday, health or unemployment insurance can be difficult or impossible if you leave it too late. If you try to arrange cover when you are actually on holiday, if you have a particular health condition or you know that you may need unemployment insurance given that there are financial problems at your place of employment you have probably left it too late.
  • Policy Differences. Remember, not all car insurance policies are created equal. Check the small print to see what extras might be bundled in the policy that be useful to you for windscreen cover, courtesy vehicle in the event of an accident, full European car breakdown cover, protected no claims bonus etc.
  • Misleading Information. All UK car insurance companies, no matter how reputable are unlikely to pay out in the event of you providing misleading information. Those alloy wheels you put on your car must be declared. If you are a student, you cannot claim you are living at your parent's house even if you live there two days out of seven. Or if you claim you have a full no claims bonus but have not, then you could be in trouble if you have a motor accident. If your car stays on the street don't claim that it stays in a garage or on a driveway. If you place of employment has already announced there will be redunancy when you take out your policy, it is unlikely your insurer will pay out on your unemployment insurance.
  • Leave time. Some companies will contact you with a renewal premium very close to your policy expiry date. This often means people take the easy route out and renew their car insurance UK policy with their current provider. With a week's leeway, you should be able to find a much better very cheap car insurance or house insurance dealjust by looking around.
  • Young Driver Car Insurance. All young drivers know Endsleigh are good for really great car insurance for young drivers or learner drivers, but make sure you check out the other companies too. Consider using the UK Pass Plus test and also think about the type of car that you have. A vehicle with a lower insurance groups will get you through the first years as young drivers in the UK when your no claims bonus is at its lowest and your premium is sky high.
  • Extra cheap insurance tips. UK Comparison sites that come back with lots of car insurance quotes are a useful tool, but unlike us they don't give the full picture. Car Insurance Comparison sites often make guesses about your profession, driving record and car, house etc. This means you really have to go through each quote again manually. Comparison sites often miss cash back discounts given by several companies, perhaps misleading you on the best quote. Finally a lot of great motor insurance UK companies including many of our best selling policies refuse to allow themselves to be used on online car insurance comparison sites, so you may not be getting the full story.
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